We continue to grow our company with new development projects, choosing the right hotels for the right markets. Take a look at what’s next for us!

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We are always looking for exceptional talent to join our team. Click to see what current job opportunities we have available at each of our properties.

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A brief look at our team’s accomplishments at our properties.

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Frontier Hospitality Group

Our Mission

is to use our Midwestern roots and values to create a rich culture where our guests and our team feel welcomed and appreciated.

What people say

  • During our project, Frontier Hospitality Group provided a spirit of cooperation and collaboration from the onset. Based upon our experience, I highly recommend this organization to you for your future plans. From my vantage point, they have never promised something they cannot deliver while striving for excellence in quality outcomes. Throughout my years of experience, I have found this ownership group to be one of the few developers immediately focused on creating strong relationships within the city, community and contractors. We have quickly recognized that the Frontier Hospitality Group lives up to its reputation of not only being results oriented, but providing quality product and service.

    East Peoria City Attorney
  • Our culture thrives on the satisfaction of its guests and the personal development of employees.

  • FHG will work to provide an atmosphere of cooperation and continued support throughout a project. Throughout the entire process FHG showed professionalism, honesty and good relations with their partners, contractors and vendors at all levels. They work diligently to not only meet expectations, but to exceed them in quality and service.

    Metropolitan Airport Authority
  • What is most important to me is that I am able to work for a company that actually cares about me, knows I am not a number or a line on the time clock sheet.

  • FHG is led by owners who are filled with knowledge, consideration and dignity, all the while in constant motion to create, take risk and consistently expand our company to benefit all employees.